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Hair & Makeup by Beauty Parlor Chicago

Chicago Makeup Classes F.A.Q.

Inquire about Makeup Classes

Q: What makeup class should I take?
A: Please check out our detailed descriptions of our current classes. It should give you a great idea of what each makeup class teaches. If you're still not sure, contact us. We have been teaching these classes for a long time and are here to guide you to the right class.

Q: How do you teach your classes?
A: The way we usually teach our classes is by demonstrating the whole makeup look on you, explaining everything we're doing as we go. We have tons of mirrors, so you will easily see what we are doing. We are masters at breaking down the steps and making them easy to understand!

However, we do know that some people like to get hands-on, so for those clients, we suggest booking a longer session where we demonstrate on half of your face and then you do the other half with your teacher’s guidance. If this how you want to learn, please let us know so we make sure to book enough time for your class.

Q: I want to learn a certain makeup technique /style but I don’t see a class like that listed. Is that something you can teach?
A: If you book a one-on-one class, it will be just you and your very own professional makeup artist. And because we are open by appointment only, there won’t be any other clients in the studio while you take your class.

Q: I see group makeup rates. What is that about?
A: You can book any of our classes for you and a group of your friends, and only you and your friends! Our makeup classes are a fun way to hang out with your friends and save some money on our classes. Win-win!

Q: Do you ever do any public beauty events?
A: Yes! Check out our event page to see what we have going on. They often involve more than just makeup!

Q: What should I bring to my makeup class?
A: All you really need to bring is you! However, we do suggest bringing some way to take notes. Our makeup classes cover a lot of great material that you are going to want to remember.

Q: Do I need to bring my own makeup and brushes?
A: Your artist will use their professional makeup kit to demonstrate on you. However, we do have a fun add-on you can include with any of our classes, where we will help you clean out your makeup bag. At the end of your class, your artist will go through your makeup bag and help you figure out what to keep, what to toss, and what you might want to go get.

Q: What brands do your artists use?
A: All of our artists use a wide array of brands in their working kits, from professional brands to luxury staples, and yes, even drug store bargains! Your artist will be happy to share their favorites with you.

Q: Do you sell any makeup or brushes at your studio?
A: We currently carry professional-level makeup and brushes by Face Atelier. We carry this brand because we love it, and for our clients' convenience, but we never push it on anyone.

Q: I loved everything my artists used on me. Can they just buy it for me?
A: Yes, we offer personal makeup shopping!

Q: I loved everything my artist used on me. Can I get a list of what they used so I can buy it myself?
A: Yes, we are happy to do this.

Q: Can I get certified through your class?
No. Certification is not currently available.

Q: I'm a makeup artist. Can I still sign up?
We have classes just for aspiring makeup artists.

Q: I'm not a makeup artist. Can I still sign up?
Yes, our classes are actually geared towards the average person with little or no experience in makeup artistry.

Inquire about Makeup Classes

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